Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
1. Our basic privacy policy Our company will observe the laws that govern personal information and protect and handle personal information appropriately, in recognition of the importance of personal information we handle.
2. Personal information kept by our company (1) Our company keeps personal information for prospective tenants, tenants, guarantors, residents' family members, roommates, sales applicants, purchasers, property managers and subletters and others with rights to the property (hereinafter referred to as "customers.")
(2) From among the information we possess about customers, we will use information such as the customer's name, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address (including work e-mail), type of work, annual income, and payment information.
3. Purpose of use of your personal information (1) We will use this information to manage, broker, lease, buy, sell, and execute trading contracts with building contractors, etc. for real estate, as well as to provide information and services.
(2) We will use this information to introduce property to customers, contact customers about the results of applications, make credit inquiries to credit information agencies, conclude, execute, and manage leasing contracts, guarantor contracts, management contracts, sub-lease contracts, and brokerage contracts, and provide management and after-sales service after the contract is concluded.
(3) We will use the information to introduce customers to real estate services, as well as products and services we provide that we believe would be useful to them, and to send them questionnaires. (This includes cases where no contract is concluded)
(4) We will provide this information to third parties in order to achieve the purposes listed in (1), (2), and (3).
4. Provision of your personal information to third parties We will provide customer information to the following parties in writing, by post, by telephone, by fax, on our website, by e-mail, or in advertising media. We will suspend providing such information at the customer's request.
(1) The other party in a contract or who is expected to be a party in a contract for matters entrusted to us by the customer
(2) Companies in our company group
(3) Other real estate agents
(4) Guarantor companies, credit companies, general insurance companies, financial institutions, credit information agencies, construction companies, equipment sales companies, movers, and other vendors offering lifestyle-related services
(5) Advertisement suppliers and organizations and members of the Real Estate Information Network
(6) Other third parties as necessary to achieve the purposes of use
To request disclosure of information, make a complaint, request a correction, or ask that your information stop being used (collectively referred to as "disclosure requests), contact the Rent Life Complaints and Consultations Office.
telephone 0265-77-2710 fax 0265-77-2581
Please contact the office above for any disclosure requests.
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