Floor plan

  All are compact and around 50m².
  For convenient living post-retirement or relaxed single life

Atype 2LDK

Atype Floor plan

Private area size  52.86  
Balcony size  4.09

All units face south for a bright, open, and airy feel

With large panes of frosted glass between the LDK area and main bedroom, the units have an open and airy feel. The system kitchen allows you to face your family and enjoy conversation with them while you cook. Also equipped with a large walk-in closet with impressive storage capacity. The south-facing floor plan allows excellent sunlight in.

  • ・Corner rooms
  • ・Lighting from two directions
  • ・Large walk-in closet
  • ・All of the rooms facing south
  • ・Large lighting window
  • ・System kitchen

Btype 2LDK

Btype Floor plan

Private area size  53.40  
Balcony size  5.46

Luxurious living space overlooking the beautiful Nagano cityscape

The spacious and open balcony is excellent not only for hanging daily laundry but for a small vegetable or flower garden. Look out over the beautiful Nagano cityscape from a large window that allows in plenty of sunlight to greet the day.

  • ・Corner rooms
  • ・Lighting from two directions
  • ・LDK of large opening window
  • ・Wide entrance space
  • ・Good view
  • ・Large shoes cloak
  • ・Wide balcony

Ctype 2LDK

Ctype Floor plan

Private area size  57.26  
Balcony size  The sum of the two places 4.94

Luxuriate in the spacious living room

Hang your favorite pictures in the hallway from the entryway to the living room to use it like a gallery. The 5.75m2 Western-style room can be separated and used as a study, or left open to the adjacent LDK for a larger, 28m2 living room. Arrange the space freely to live as you like.

  • ・Corner rooms
  • ・Lighting from two directions
  • ・South balcony
  • ・Wide utility space

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